Top Sushi places Joburg

Top 5 Sushi places around Joburg

I love Sushi. I can’t go a week without thinking about it or without nagging my boyfriend to take me out for sushi. Luckily he loves it too (and when he doesn’t want to go, I can always rely on my Mom wanting sushi).

I have found there are 2 types of sushi in Joburg, “All you can eat” and “Expensive”. Each have their pros and cons and I eat both on a regular basis. Sushi eaters seem to have a particularly strong sense of loyalty to their preferred establishment – and I’ve witnessed many individuals putting down those who support a competing sushi place.

But when looking for the best sushi in Jo’burg, there is a lot to consider: ambiance, freshness, creativity etc. etc. It was tough to think about. So instead I thought about the first 5 places that come to mind when I crave sushi and why I would want to go there compared to anywhere else.

Top Sushi places Joburg
When you go out with friends

Here is a list of my Top 5 Sushi places around Jo’burg:

  1. Yume In Montecasino
    Yume is just …well, amazing. I love the sushi here and the dessert Sushi is the best. You can tell me they are like any other Yume, but I disagree. The Yume at Monte is a notch (or 5) above the rest. Their Sushi always tastes amazing, and their service is also great. Their prices are a bit High but I think for what I am getting , it is well worth the price
  2. Mizu at Lifestyle
    This is a relatively new sushi place in Jo’burg. They are super close to home for me, which is great. They also have a half price Sushi Sunday. They are also a Champagne bar which is an added bonus.
  3. Hashi
    I love Hashi’s creativity. They recently moved to Linden which is awesome ! Try their Sushi Pizza and some of the other items on the menu.
  4. Yamada in Rivonia
    I have only been here a couple of times, but they stand out in my memory. Their sushi had a different flavour to any other sushi I have had. They are a bit far from home but worth the time and travel for a night out.
  5. Yamazaki
    All you can eat sushi! I found Yamazaki to be the best all you can eat place. Their sushi is of a high quality and the starters are included in the special (try the golden Parcels, I could eat just those all night)

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